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Success Story

South Carolina Emergency
Management Association

After implementing its new mobile event app, SCEMA wowed attendees with the sleek technology available at their fingertips. The adaptable content and design were just some of the features that helped the team cut down on printed materials and save hours of preparation leading up to their annual conference.

“The CrowdCompass interface is user friendly, the support staff is phenomenal and our attendees loved using the app.”

- Derrec Becker, Public Information Coordinator

The Issue

Prior to this year’s annual workshop event, SCEMA’s media and technology committee members began looking to improve two key aspects of their conference:

  • - Modernize the way they communicate and engage with attendees onsite.
  • - Eliminate time-consuming and costly process of producing event programs for 500 attendees. Each year, they previously had to print programs with 30+pages, using more than 1,500 sheets of paper.

Since education is such an important part of the workshop, especially given the gravity of the subject matter and its role in keeping South Carolina safe, the committee wanted to make sure they adopted event technology that would enhance the workshop’s teaching efforts. If they were going to curb their event program production, they would have to replace the programs with something that was effective and easy for attendees to use.

Why CrowdCompass

Some SCEMA committee members attended an event in Florida that used a CrowdCompass app and were impressed by its user friendliness. After a few weeks of careful research, they decided to use a CrowdCompass event app for the workshop. They ultimately selected CrowdCompass for its design flexibility, reliable customer support, easy to use content management system, social media integrations, and multiple sponsor revenue opportunities.

Once they started building their event app, they found the process easy and intuitive.“I was able to upload a lot of content on the fly, right from my iPad. I could map it out and get everything loaded. When we did have a question or run into difficulties, CrowdCompass was extremely responsive and would always resolve any issues within the hour,” said Gretchen Birt, Region 6 Emergency Coordinator.

SCEMA iPhone screenshot

Affordability, Adoption and Autonomy

Since the association was able to put its event content, speaker info and schedules in the app, they were able to dramatically cut down on the amount of content they included in their event programs. This allowed them to reduce printing costs by over 50%. Sponsorship opportunities within the app also helped SCEMA recoup more than 50% of the cost of the app itself.

Feedback from attendees on the app was positive. SCEMA encouraged app adoption among attendees by putting QR codes on table-top marketing materials and holding a brief demonstration on how to use the app on the first day of the conference. The result was a significant 75% download rate.

By putting the majority of event content in the app, the association cut down the amount of time they had to spend on producing the program from three months to two weeks. The app also allowed SCEMA to make last minute changes to the content—which they did when speakers and schedules shifted right before the start of the workshop.

A Promising Future

The app received glowing reviews from attendees and sponsors. SCEMA is already fielding sponsor requests for next year’s workshop. Next year, SCEMA plans to build on its app success by promoting downloads earlier and using beacon technology.

“I loved the app. How come you didn’t get one sooner?”

- SCEMA event attendee

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